Would you pay an extra fee to get off the plane faster?

After a long flight in an cramped seat, turbulence that kept you awake and a bag of pretzels for lunch (if you're lucky), would you pay an extra fee to get off the plane faster once you arrive at the terminal?

A recent survey by asked that very question. TODAY’s Professionals — Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman — debated whether they’d fork over that extra cash.

Deutsch and Jones were not crazy about the idea: "You’re setting up fistfights on the plane," Deutsch said. "I think we are enough of a divided society that even if it’s waiting another minute or two ... I think it's a horrible idea."

Snyderman said she’d pay an extra $10 to get off faster and brushed off the idea that it’d create divide on board between those who pay to get off early and those who don't.

"If $10 now identifies one person or another as a different class and that signifies class warfare, we’re in a real toil," Snyderman said.

She added jokingly, "The question is: Could you pay $10 to offer someone not to talk?"

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