Would you give up the Internet for $1 million?

If someone was ready to fork over $1 million to you to stop using the Internet — forever — would you do it?

A not-very-scientific poll by the Fund for American Studies finds the answer to be "no" for two reasons: One, the dollar payoff isn't big enough (!) and two, the Internet has become so key that no amount of money would cover the loss of its place in our lives.

"My whole life practically comes outta there," one man said in an interview shared in the YouTube video above.

Yet another says the amount would have to be "something in excess of $15 (million) to $20 million."

"Couple million, billion," said another.

Southern Methodist University business prof Michael Cox was the one who put the question out there, first with his own students, who told him "you couldn't pay me enough."

Now, no one is offering that kind of dough, for starters, and the Fund for American Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that champions "freedom, individual responsibility and free markets," was trying to make a point with all of this: "In some ways maybe we're all millionaires and billionaires if we have something that's worth that much to us, something that lets us do so much ... you might just be richer than you realize," they say at the end of the video.

But not everyone agrees. Noted one commentor: "Oh man, I am 32 and I would give up the Interwebs for the rest of my life for a quarter million or even less. Not a second of doubt if someone offered me a million."

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