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The world's strong cyclist? Man lifts car blocking bike lane

One cyclist in Brazil took matters into his own hands when he found a car parked in the bike lane he was traveling down.
/ Source: TODAY

There are few things more aggravating than someone parking their car with blatant disregard for everyone else. You know the type — they may take up multiple spots or block exits. Unfortunately, short of tracking down the driver responsible, there’s not much you can do about it.

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But when one man in Brazil came across a parked car that had blocked the bike lane he was traveling down, he decided to take the situation into his own hands. Literally.

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The video shows the enormous, unidentified cyclist picking the back end of the car up off of the ground and forcibly dragging it out of the bike lane as onlookers cheer him on. After the path is clear, he calmly pedals away.

The video has quickly garnered more than 5,000,000 views online, and whether or not this is part of a viral marketing scheme remains to be seen, it is an impressive feat nonetheless.