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Woman who quit in Super Bowl ad: My boss's reaction 'was epic'

The woman who quit her job during a Super Bowl ad says her boss was a very good sport about it.

Gwen, 36, who asked us to keep her last name private, surprised her boss Ted during a commercial for GoDaddy during the game on Sunday, when she announced "I quit!"

Her boss had no clue she planned to resign and got the news along with an estimated 100 million viewers tuned in to the big game.

Right after the commercial aired, Gwen said she emailed Ted her official resignation, and got a text message back.

“It was epic,” Gwen told TODAY on Monday.

Instead of being upset, she said, her boss told her: "You’ve got to be kidding. Wow. Great commercial.”

“He was laughing his can off,” Gwen said. “It was super cool.”

Gwen had spent the past 18 years as an operations engineer for a large refrigeration company while building puppets in her spare time, and decided to quit to pursue her dream of starting her own business. She said she had dreamed of turning puppetry into a full-time career since high school, but held off, working as an engineer not only for Ted, but also for the Coast Guard after 9/11.

But now she's ready to embrace a new career, explaining: “I finally convinced my father these were completely translatable skills to puppetry.”

A Queens native now living in Yonkers, she joined TODAY with a special guest — Mr. Frank, the blue bird puppet who did the quitting for her during the commercial. The puppet also tossed in a playful, “Ciao baby!”

Gwen’s new life as a full-time puppet master has already begun. GoDaddy set up a registered domain name for her, and the website,, went live during the commercial last night.