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Will 3 popular weather apps really keep you out of the rain?

The Rossen Reports team tried out three popular weather apps that make predictions minute by minute: RainAware, Dark Sky and Fresh Air.
/ Source: TODAY

From flash floods trapping hikers in Arizona to a tropical storm in the East, this storm season has brought plenty of wild weather. So how can you make sure you're not caught by a dangerous storm?

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TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and the Rossen Reports team headed to a park in Mobile, Alabama, to try out three popular weather apps that make predictions minute by minute, using their default settings:

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The Rossen team's results varied. They also tried the same three apps in the middle of a big storm, chasing severe cells in Mississippi, again with varying results.

RainAware told NBC News that there are various settings that make it more accurate, calling it a "professional weather tool" and adding, "it takes time to become proficient at using it" and "the reviews speak for themselves" and encouraging users to try it "for an entire season." Dark Sky and Fresh Air did not respond to a request for comment.

All three apps sell for less than $5. Experts say they can be helpful, but it's best to use them along with a radar app to really see where the weather is coming from and where it's headed. My Radar, a free app, shows you storm cells in real time.

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