Here's why none of us can remember phone numbers anymore

/ Source: TODAY

Could you recite your child's phone number off the top of your head? How about your spouse's number?

A new study has come out showing that more than half of Europeans couldn't recall their kids' or office numbers without looking through their contact list. And a third wouldn't know how to get in touch with their partner without the help of their cell phone.

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This can all be blamed on what's being called "digital amnesia," the unmindfulness that results from our dependency on technology.

Researchers at the Kaspersky Lab, who conducted the study worldwide, say that our inability to remember certain details such as these important phone numbers is due to the fact that we're letting our digital devices like smartphones do it for us. But who wants to cram your brain with all those memories if something else can do it for you, right? Well, it turns out, it's actually more harmful than we realize.

The study found that more than 51 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Europeans said losing that important data stored on their digital devices would cause immense distress.

This holds true especially for women and younger respondents who said these devices are the only place they store photos, messages and contact information. If it's not backed up in your memory or on another device, all it takes is one digital malfunction or a lost phone for your most important data to vanish from your life.

Perhaps this is a good reminder to take a couple of minutes and memorize your loved ones' numbers. Technology is nice, but being able to stay in touch with your family no matter what... well, that's even nicer.