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White House: #SOTU 2015 scored big on Facebook, Twitter

Obama SOTU

Tuesday night's State of the Union speech from President Obama was a hit on social media, the White House crowed on Wednesday. A blog post lists a few of the more impressive stats from Facebook, Twitter and the White House website itself, which streamed the speech to (here's one stat) 1.2 million viewers.


Clips posted to Facebook in near-real time pulled about 1.5 million clicks, probably as people watched and rewatched the president's "no more campaigns to run" zinger. In case you missed it:



Tweet EmbedTwitter was engaged as well: The White House said the #SOTU hashtag saw over 1.5 million tweets and retweets — 25 percent more than last year. Twitter posted a summary from its own point of view, tracking a total of over 2.6 million tweets related to the speech. Community college, equal pay, climate change, tax reform and health care were the top five topics most tweeted about.

Interestingly, more than half the users on the livestream when the speech was at its peak viewership (50 percent higher than last year, by the way) were connecting on mobile devices or tablets. Was that you, perhaps, watching from the bus or coffee shop?

Plenty of other stats are up at the White House blog post, and we'll keep an eye out for more.