What's clicking on YouTube? The videos everyone's talking about

Abbi Tatton is a senior manager at YouTube, where she works with the trends team to uncover and highlight what the world is watching on YouTube. Here, she shares what's hot right now.

From back-to-school tips to music, fashion and beauty to comedy, together we watch 6 billion hours of YouTube every month. So what are the YouTube channels that have people clicking? Here we round up some of the channels that are taking off, and the people behind them building a worldwide audience for their talents. 

“10 Incredible Food Life Hacks You Need to Know”

Household Hacker has been around since the early days of YouTube, posting videos on topics including science experiments, how-to and humor, and gathering a quarter of a billion video views along the way. Their latest video of helpful tips that everyone can use around the home is designed to make everyday chores go a little bit smoother. Their tips range from watering plants, to opening jars, to shining shoes. Check out their Scientific Tuesdays series, of experiments that teachers around the world have used to make learning fun.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes

Los Angeles-based Wendy Nguyen has more than 100 fashion and style videos on her YouTube channel WendysLookBook. Her most popular video, “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf,” has 20 million views and keeps on growing. The video first took off in Brazil in their winter, and then as temperatures started dropping in the US it went viral again! Check out Wendy’s video “100 outfits” that she posted to celebrate her 100th YouTube video - you’ll never be lost for ideas for what to wear again.

Back to School: Locker Organization and Essentials

Mirror? Check. Mini-whiteboard? Check. Emergency Supplies? Got ‘em. As America heads back to school, YouTube channel Stilababe09 has everything you need to get your locker in shape. Behind this channel is soon-to-be high school senior Meredith Foster, who styles, films, and edits each video herself. Meredith’s beauty and lifestyle ideas regularly place her on YouTube’s most-viewed charts -- check out her recent back-to-school videos 5 Quick and Easy Heatless Hairstyles and Outfits of the week for more ideas. 

10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win

Professor, author (and magician!) Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology channel is a collection of optical illusions, magic tricks and science stunts with a combined 170 million views. Posting new ideas about once a month, his latest video of 10 sure-fire bets to impress your friends has gained 5 million views in a week. Wiseman might be from the UK, but he says it’s the US that is driving big views for his videos.