What's clicking on YouTube? The videos everyone's talking about 

Abbi Tatton is a senior manager at YouTube, where she works with the trends team to uncover and highlight what the world is watching on YouTube. Here, she shares what's hot right now.

From how-to videos and comedy skits, to music and cooking shows, together we watch 6 billion hours of YouTube every month. So what are some of the YouTube videos and channels that have people clicking this week? Here, we round up three channels that are currently taking off, and the people behind them building a worldwide audience for their talents.

“Ten Life Hacks You Need to Know For Summer”

Looking for some easy tips to help your summer go a little bit easier? Grant Thompson’s video “Ten Life Hacks You Need to Know For Summer” is filled with simple ideas for the beach to the barbecue. Known as The King of Random on YouTube as you never quite know what he’s going to post next (for example, how to make a McGyver-style emergency candle out of butter), he’s had almost 3 million views in a week for this video, and half a million people are now subscribing to his channel to see what he does next.

Face Mashups

Jennifer Lawrence’s face mashed up with Jonah Hill? Will Ferrell’s with Natalie Portman? This new YouTube channel of celeb face-mashups debuted in May and has been a summer hit -- perhaps because the results are so hilariously monstrous. Chase, the North Carolina man behind the videos, came up with the creative idea when teaching himself how to use new editing software. He's now taking viewer suggestions for whose faces to mash up next. He heard you and mashed TODAY's Al Roker and Carson Daly's faces together. We'll have to stay tuned to see which stars faces he'll mash next.

Even Al Roker and Carson Daly couldn't escape it. Take a look at their FaceMashup treatment.

“How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds”

Two seconds? Really! Britain’s Dave Hax is a YouTube how-to expert whose time-saving video is proving to be one of the most popular how-tos of the year. He might be in the UK, but the video is an international hit with viewers from the U.S., Japan and Brazil driving views toward 5 million (seems like the whole world can unite behind the idea of saving time doing laundry). Dave’s other how-to videos include making holiday decorations and even kids’ toys, all using everyday household objects.