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By Randee Dawn

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We suppose there are some people out there who have never ordered anything from Amazon.

But the online retailer giant, which started out selling books in 1995 and now can sell you virtually anything with just a few clicks of the mouse, is so ubiquitous that we imagine it is a very tiny group indeed.

So what was the first thing you ever ordered from Amazon, and in what year?

A recent social media meme, kicked off by one Casey Fiesler earlier this week, asked exactly that:

And so far, she's spawned hundreds of retweets and likes — plus a lot of fun trips down memory lane!

Like, for example, this Sony MP3 Walkman from 2005:

Sony Walkman 16G MP3 Player, $70, Amazon

And this amazing dinner item:

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14 lb Louisiana Crawfish Co Cajun Cornbread Turducken,$85, Amazon

There's a pink insect removal system:

Spider Insect Catcher, $17, Amazon

Plus of course, movies (on VHS!):

"Seven Samurai" (on DVD), $30, Amazon

A Sarah McLaughlin CD:

Sarah McLachlan, "Fumbling Toward Ecstasy," $1, Amazon

Movie soundtracks:

"The Wedding Singer: Music from the Motion Picture," $10, Amazon

"The Lizzie McGuire Movie" soundtrack, $22, Amazon

And, of course, books, from the academic:

"Physics and Chance: Philosophical Issues in the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics," by Lawrence Sklar, $50, Amazon

To a classic turn-of-the-century novel:

"Bridget Jones' Diary: A Novel," by Helen Fielding, $10, Amazon

Amazon customer service even thanked Kristen for her long patronage and memory after that one:

What was that first item ever purchased on Amazon to begin with? Computer scientist John Wainwright, who'd been given a beta link to a new company trying to sell books on the internet, purchased Douglas Hofstadter's "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies" on April 3, 1995.

By January 2018, Amazon had on offer over 562 million products and set a record for selling over 600 items per second on Amazon Prime Day in 2016.

OK, now it's your turn — what was your first Amazon purchase?

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