Weatherman hilariously zings daughter over text, becomes every parent's hero

One dad captured the millennial mind in two short text messages — and the internet is loving it!

Atlanta meteorologist Chris Holcomb of NBC affiliate WXIA was busy tracking an incoming storm and reporting on the air last Thursday when his 18-year-old daughter, Claire, texted him to say her weather app didn't agree with his forecast.

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Weatherman zings his teen daughter after her app contradicts him

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Weatherman zings his teen daughter after her app contradicts him

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"Here we have these kids who are so tied into their phones and their technology so she was looking at that rather than listening to her meteorologist dad," Holcomb told TODAY.

In response to his daughter's text, Holcomb quipped: "Thank you. Maybe your weather app will pay for your college." Zing!

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He then shared a screenshot of the brief conversation on social media, where it has since gone viral, reaching more than 10 million people on Facebook and racking up more than 156,000 likes on Twitter.

"I keep hearing the term 'savage'...and I had to ask my daughter if that's good or bad," Holcomb told TODAY. She assured him that it was indeed very good.

Chris Holcomb
Chris Holcomb and his daughter, Claire, on a college tour

Holcomb thinks the conversation took off because it's something all parents can relate to, but it also resonated with fellow meteorologists.

"(It's) I don't want to say a rallying cry, but something we all relate to," Holcomb said.

The meteorologist said it's not the first time his daughter has turned to technology for the weather, and it's become a bit of a running joke in the family.

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Courtesy of Chris Holcomb
Holcomb's daughter was skeptical about her father's forecast.

Of course, the question remains: Was the app right, or was dad?

It turns out neither was 100 percent correct: It snowed as Holcomb predicted, but not as much as he expected.