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Watch what happens when a phone falls 40 stories from a skyscraper

We've all had that moment — your phone falls out of your hand, lands on the ground and your heart sinks as you check the damage.
/ Source: TODAY

We've all had that moment — the one where your phone falls from your hand, lands face-down on the ground and your heart sinks as you pick it up to inspect the damage.

Now imagine the feeling Catalin Marin must have had when his phone slipped from his grip while he was shooting photos of a foggy skyline from the top of the 42-story Liberty House building in Dubai.

But the story of his phone's freefall doesn't end the way you'd imagine (i.e. in shattered pieces). Marin was able to track down his device, only to discover that it not only survived the fall, but captured every inch of the 500-foot drop.

Marin posted the video to his Instagram page, along with a picture of his phone, proving it sustained virtually no damage from the fall. The screen doesn't even have a scratch.

Now, can someone just explain why my screen shatters into a thousand pieces when it falls three feet from my desk onto a carpeted floor?