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Watch this 70-year-old mom freak out during ride in self-driving car

Watch this 70-year-old mom freak out behind the wheel as she experiences the autopilot on a self-driving Tesla for the first time.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes getting a glimpse of the future can be a little scary.

When this 70-year-old mother got behind the wheel of a self-driving car for the first time, she might as well have been on a runaway roller-coaster.

Her son, William Rimmer, posted the video of her bumpy experience with the autopilot function in his Tesla sedan during a trip along a two-lane highway, according to YouTube.

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"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Where is it going?” she exclaims. "This is so scary. My first day out and I'm about to die."

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Rimmer's mom managed to keep her hands off the steering wheel despite her obvious fear of not being in control of the car.

She can take solace that the autopilot has saved at least one Tesla Model S driver from a collision.

Ohio man Joshua Brown posted dashcam footage of the car's warning sound signaling him to take the wheel when a truck swerved into his lane.

Brown's car also automatically moved to the right to avoid the truck, according to Brown.

So don't worry Mrs. Rimmer, the car isn't trying to kill you.

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