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'Helix of snowy death!' Video of thrilling ride on Alpine Coaster in Utah goes viral

Alpine Coaster

Robb Alvey knows his roller coasters: He's ridden over 1,500 of them and reviewed many for his website Theme Park Review. But even he was blown away by a recent ride on Park City, Utah's snowy Alpine Coaster.

(Be warned: The video features some not quite safe for work — but completely appropriate for a roller coaster — language.)

This isn't just any old roller coaster; as Alvey's video of the nearly three-minute journey shows, it's necessary to lay almost flat against the tracks like someone in a bobsled — which makes things very fast and very scary (or thrilling, depending on your take). 

Alvey largely keeps his cool through the trip, but hilariously punctuates the ride with shouts of "ooohhhh, crap!" and reminders that his rear end (not the word he uses) is quite chilled by the experience. He also offers a terrific tagline for the ride: "Helix of snowy death!"

The video's been a huge viral success, racking up over 17 million views on Facebook since it was first posted Jan. 16. Check it out! There's snow business like it.

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