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TODAY'S Next Big Thing: The winning product is...

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/ Source: TODAY
By Amy Eley

You voted, and now we have a grand winner!

We embarked on country-wide search with QVC to find the latest and greatest product to hit the market for TODAY’s “Next Big Thing.” And this time, we looked for mothers who created inventive products we all really need. (See official rules for TODAY's "Next Big Thing" here.)

Nine finalists came to Studio 1A to pitch their products to a panel of judges, and you selected your favorite three.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

The top three finalists came back to TODAY on Friday, where the judges selected a grand winner who will get to sell her product on QVC’s show “Saturday Morning Q” on Saturday, April 23.

The winner is...

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY



Glovestix is clever deodorizer that gets the stink out of athletic gloves, gear, shoes, cleats, skates and more! Krista Woods created Glovestix after growing tired of dealing her her son's stinky lacrosse gloves.

Watch QVC’s show “Saturday Morning Q” on April 23 to buy Glovestix!

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

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Thursday: Voting is closed!



Glovestix is clever deodorizer that gets the stink out of athletic gloves, gear, shoes, cleats, skates and more!

Krista Woods is a 42-year old team building consultant from Virginia with three children. The stink adventure officially began when she and her husband were riding home from a lacrosse tournament. Her son, who was in the back seat, had played all day long in the heat and they had a three-hour drive. The stink that was coming off of him and his sports gear was unbearable. He was having a huge stink party in the back seat of our car and she was tired of being invited! She grabbed her son's nasty lacrosse gloves from the back seat and created what is now Glovestix!


Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

SheetBNeat is a home storage solution to help you fold fitted bed sheets.

Linsey Rosland was inspired to create a gadget to help fold fitted sheets after she saw Martha Stewart struggling to do so on “Oprah.” At the time, she had a newborn baby and used cardboard from the diaper box to make her prototype. She has spent years researching the design and patent.

The Matte

The Matte

The Matte is a simple, easy, affordable way to create an entire counter over your bathroom sink. You will instantly have a clean, durable surface to place all your makeup, hair appliances and skin care products , and then be able to fold and pack the matte away from easy storage.

Melissa Clayton is a 45-year-old former accountant from Boston with three sons.

"Living in Boston for 10 years, all I ever had was small bathrooms with very little counter space. Every morning while getting ready, I placed my hairdryer and hair straightener on the toilet bowl and balanced my makeup bag on the corner of the pedestal sink. So when I moved to suburbia, I was excited for my 'big' bathroom. Wrong! Our master bathroom was just as small as my city apartment, so I was back to keeping my hair dryer and straightener on the toilet and my makeup bag balanced on the counter. My brushes would continually fall in the sink and get wet. I would drop makeup on the floor and be annoyed when powders would break or liquid makeup spill.

The solution was my invention, 'The Matte.' The Matte is a simple, easy, affordable way to create an entire counter over your bathroom sink. The matte allows you to get ready in a stress-free environment. You will be able to lay out all your makeup, lotions and hair appliances and use as needed without having to worry about dropping on the floor or placing on top of a dirty toilet."

Wednesday: Voting is closed!

Scrub on the Run

Scrub on the Run

Scrub on the Run is a travel solution for your bath sponge or loofah. It is a small container for your sponge or scrub which squeezes out all the water and allows you to travel with a dry sponge/scrub.

Cindy Beauregard is a 55-year-old nurse from Massachusetts. The busy working mom created Scrub on the Run after she realized the only time she could find to go to the gym was before work.

“One morning, I was packing my gym bag and getting ready to head off to work. I remember picking up the plastic bag that was holding my bath sponge, and as I looked at it, I thought about how unsanitary it was to have my sponge sitting in all that dirty water. I immediately thought about a design and function for my invention idea!”

Seal Shoe Covers

Seal Shoe Covers

Seal Shoe Covers are a fashionable, lightweight, durable, water-resistant shoe cover for inclement weather. They also fold into their own pouch, so you can throw it into your purse. They also can be thrown into a washing machine!

Daniela King is a 39-year-old graphic designer from Miami. She has two children, ages 7 and 10.

While trying to leave work and pick up her children in 2013, Daniela was surprised to see that a sudden rain storm passed by and flooded the parking lot. Having only a small umbrella, she looked for something that would protect her new shoes. She found a couple of empty plastic grocery bags in the break room and slipped them over her high heels and ran for it! When she got to the car, she discovered one of the bags ripped and her shoes where soaked.

She couldn't sleep that night. She was determined to find a solution and began sketching her idea. By the time morning came, she knew she was onto something great. Daniela had sketched a practical solution to a common problem that was convenient and easy to transport. Fast forward three years and Seal Shoe Covers are ready to take the world by storm!

MinkeeBlue tote bag


The MinkeeBlue tote bag is a versatile, fashionable two-in-one travel and work bag. With a MinkeeBlue, women can now take items normally carried in a purse, lunch bag and laptop bag and organize them in one MinkeeBlue bag.

MinkeeBlue features a two-in-one patent-pending bag with an adjustable divider. When the divider is in the closed position, it creates an upper and lower compartment, separating items from the top and bottom. When the divider is in its open position, the travel bag becomes an open tote bag. MinkeeBlue’s functionality and versatility is what sets it apart from other brands.

Sherrill Mosee is a business executive from Philadelphia and has two adult children. She set out to solve a problem she calls the “overload bag syndrome.” Like many women, Sherrill often carried two or three bags to work: a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag and sometimes shoes in her purse. She wanted to create an organizational fashion bag for busy professionals whose role changes throughout the day, from executive to fitness enthusiast, traveler and mom.

TUESDAY: Voting is closed!



Loopit is a stylish pair of headphones that never get tangled! Loopit headphones can be worn as a necklace or placed in a pocket, and they don’t tangle because the ear buds are connected to the audio jack with magnets. Loopit is available in silver or gold, so it's always ready to accessorize with any outfit.

As a partner at McKinsey & Company, Vanessa Chan was constantly on the phone. Before every call, she would fish in the black hole of her bag to find her "knotty" headphones tangled in a mathematical impossibility and spent countless days of her life untangling them. As an MIT trained engineer, she knew there had to be better solutions than Bluetooth headphones, which were just another thing for her to worry about charging, or contraptions to wind her headphones, which can be very difficult to do when holding both her kids hands as they crossed the street. Those moments of frustration inspired her to develop Loopit, practical yet stylish tangle-free headphones.

Koffie Straw

Koffie Straw

The Koffie Straw is a way to protect your teeth —and keep them white — while drinking teeth-staining beverages.

The traditional solution is to grab a straw, but the standard plastic variety can melt when exposed to hot liquid and potentially leak toxic chemicals into your cup. Koffie Straws are made from 100-percent FDA-approved silicone. They are safe under high temperatures and will give you comfort knowing that you are drinking your coffee, tea or hot chocolate the safest way possible. Koffie Straws are fully reusable and dishwasher friendly.

Rita Diorio is a former stay-at-home mom (now part-time computer consultant) from New Jersey. She grew up in a large family where money was always tight, so when she saved enough money for braces, she knew she would always want to protect that investment and keep her teeth looking as good as possible. As her love for coffee grew, she started using straws to protect her teeth — until she read inside a coffee straw wrapper that straws are “not recommended for use in hot beverages.” She searched for alternative non-toxic straws and could not find any, so she invented one of her own: the Koffie Straw!



Goverre is a portable wine glass with a silicone sleeve and a drink-through lid. You can even put it in your purse!

Shannon Zappala is a 41-year-old marketing manager from San Diego. She developed this product with her best friend, Regan Kelaher. While enjoying an outdoor concert in the park one evening with their families, Regan and Shannon realized everyone was drinking their nice wine out of plastic cups. They thought there had to be a better option, so they began searching for a portable glass that wasn’t plastic. After an extensive and unsuccessful search, Regan and Shannon began the process of bringing Goverre to life. Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy any wine, any time.

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