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Tinder Plus backlash? Not everybody likes new pay model

Tinder Plus has new features like the ability to undo rejections, and the ability to flirt with users in different locations.
/ Source: NBC News

Earlier this week, Tinder revealed its new premium service, Tinder Plus. It introduced several new features, like the ability to undo "left swipes," or rejections, and the ability to flirt with users in different locations.

The cost: $9.99 for younger users, $19.99 for people over 30 years old. That membership also gets users unlimited likes — meaning the ability to swipe right as many times as they want. Conversely, that also means that free users now have a limit (determined by a Tinder algorithm) on their likes, which didn't exist before.

Not everybody is happy about the change.

"DON'T LIMIT MY LIKES," is the title from one angry app review on iTunes from user "Justin aKA sNaP," who continues:

"I appreciate the addition of new features and understand the business decisions behind creating a monthly paid subscription to your service. However, there's no need to punish customers who either don't want or can't afford paid subscriptions."

He or she isn't the only one who is upset. Overall, Tinder has 3.5-star rating (out of five stars) on iTunes. The latest version with Tinder Plus, released on March 2, has a one-star rating with more than 4,700 reviews. Scrolling through reviews on Google Play reveals a similar level of dissatisfaction.

"Was great until they started charging for likes," wrote user Jacob Grim. "I mean $9.99 a month for an app that used to be 100% free?"

Tinder spokesperson Rosette Pambakian defended the new version in an email to TODAY.

"The negative reviews are due to our new limits on right swipes," she said. "A small percentage of our users who are chronic right swipers will hit a right swipe limit, but the vast majority of our audience will never hit any swiping barrier."

She added, "Limitations on right-swiping give users more incentive to make sure their swipes are honest, which helps keep the entire Tinder ecosystem honest and makes the experience even more enjoyable for our users."

There were people on social media who loved Tinder Plus, especially the ability to match with people in different cities.

It's still early, of course. Tinder Plus hasn't even been out for a week. If the limit on likes results in less bots trying to scam users, people might just come around.

This story was originally published on March 6 at 5:01 p.m.