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By Martha White

It was no asteroid this time. This T-Rex was done in by Reddit.

You’d need jaws like a dinosaur to take a bite of the T-Rex burger, a nine-patty monster that was served up for nearly a decade at a Wendy’s restaurant in Brandon, Manitoba.

The sandwich came into being as a tongue-in-cheek fake ad that ran in Sports Illustrated, but customers didn’t get the joke and started asking for it.

“People obviously wanted it and it went from there,” said Barb Barker, administrative assistant to the franchise owner. “It was a fun thing.”

The Brandon Wendy’s sold two or three T-Rexes a day, but after a Reddit user posted the advertisement for the $21.99 burger-saurus (that’s $21.61 in U.S. dollars) three days ago, the T-Rex was headed for extinction.

Barker said the order came down from Wendy's headquarters to drop it as it was an unauthorized item. “We have now removed the image from our menu,” she said.

When the T-Rex was available, she said, the restaurant neither condoned nor promoted wolfing it down in one sitting.

Could the T-Rex have a Jurassic Park moment and be brought back to life?

“We strive to deliver a positive dining experience,” Barker said. “We want to provide options.” For instance, she said the restaurant would serve a multi-patty hamburger like a triple with an additional patty if the customer requested it.

When asked if Wendy’s would deliver the goods if a diner asked for the nine-patty T-Rex, Barker said, “No comment.”

Wendy’s is a mammoth - the world's third largest fast-food chain, with more than 6,500 franchise and company restaurants in the U.S. and 27 other countries.