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Suzy Welch shares 5 tips to kick-start your career

Being stuck in a job that's leaving you feeling unfulfilled can be exhausting.
/ Source: TODAY

Being stuck in a job that's leaving you feeling unfulfilled can be exhausting.

Kristi Collins, a 41-year-old paralegal from Florida, knows this feeling all too well. After spending about 20 years in the legal field, she's starting to think there's something else she should be doing.

Thanks to Suzy Welch, an author, commentator and business journalist, Collins won't need to be stuck in her career rut for long. Welch is here to give her career the kick-start it needs with the following five tips.

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  1. Don't deliver... OVERDELIVER! Surprise your boss with insights, data or recommendations that they didn't expect. Take initiative and expand your job description. You'll see positive results, which will make your team better, faster and smarter.
  2. Volunteer for the tough jobs. Ask to handle the assignments or clients that no one else in the office wants. Also, if there's a new company initiative that seems to be getting a lot of attention from the top people, ask to be assigned to it. This will make people associate you with high visibility work.
  3. Steer clear of office gossip. Everyone is guilty of doing this, but it's sure to stall your career. Gossip and any kind of clique building are both career killers, and don't think your boss doesn't notice.
  4. Exude positive energy. A happy person is a well-liked person. Even when the work gets tough, remaining positive will help to contribute to improving office morale. If you want to be promoted, it helps to be liked by the people you work with.
  5. Get on a board. Start volunteering at a local non-profit and ask for a seat on the board after a few months. The experience can be invaluable and you'd be surprised at how many small, grassroots organizations could use the help and expertise. This is sure to enhance your leadership skills and resume.

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