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Survey: Over third of people use tablets in bathroom

We've heard that people love taking their phones into the bathroom, but it turns out that they're rather fond of bringing their tablets in there as well. In fact, about one of every three tablet users may have taken his or her gadget into the bathroom.

This percentage comes from a survey conducted by Staples Advantage and it takes into account responses from "more than 200 tablet users at companies of various sizes and across industries." (Yes, that's not a particularly large sample size and so we're not exactly going to make any bets based on the results. But they still make for an amusing conversation starter.)

According to the survey, 35 percent of people admitted to using their tablets in the bathroom while 30 percent have used them in restaurants and 78 percent used them in bed.

Since most of us are going to obsess over the bathroom usage, let's put it into context: According to a prior survey, 39 percent of people have admitted to using their cellphones in the bathroom.

Strange that there's not too much of a difference in the numbers, no? We expected that there would be quite a gap between the two percentages given how much more convenient it is to carry a tiny phone instead of a bulky tablet. (No one even notices if you have a phone in your pocket when you leave for the bathroom — try taking a tablet without causing people to giggle.)

That oddity aside, we're going to face reality and acknowledge that perhaps gadgets are as acceptable in bathrooms as magazines at this point.

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