Super Bowl commercials of 2015: Vote for your favorite

/ Source: TODAY
By Matt Murray

If your favorite part of watching Sunday night's Super Bowl was the commercials, then enjoy — we've put them all in one place!

We've handpicked our favorites, and want to know your top choice. Vote in our survey below and weigh in using #OrangeRoom.

Budweiser — 'Lost Dog'

Doritos — 'Middle Seat'

P&G — 'Like a Girl'

Fiat — 'Blue Pill'

Snickers — 'Brady Bunch'

Coke — 'Make It Happy'

Dove — 'Dad'

The culture of Super Bowl ads is changing, with many companies putting the emphasis on buzz. This year's batch of ads created plenty of conversation before the showdown even aired.

We've listed other top ads that were released ahead of the big day. Did any top your list? Let us know in the comments.

BMW — 'Newfangled Idea'

Skittles — 'Marshawn Lynch Press Conference" and "It Will be Settled'

Bud Light — '#UpForWhatever'

Nissan — 'With Dad'

Newcastle — 'Chores'

Newcastle — 'Band of Brands'

Victoria's Secret — 'Angels Play Football'

Victoria's Secret — 'Let the Real Games Begin'

Toyota — 'How Great I Am'

Toyota — 'To Be a Dad'

Mophie — 'All-Powerless'

No More's official Super Bowl PSA

Lexus — 'Make Some Noise'

Carl's Jr. — 'Au Naturel'

Coca-Cola — 'Welcome to the Internet'

Kia — 'The Perfect Getaway'

Eat24 — 'Hangry'

Mercedes — 'Fable'

E! — 'The Princess is Coming'

Esurance — 'Behind the Scenes with Lindsay Lohan'

Wix — 'It's That Easy'

T-Mobile — 'Kim's Data Stash

Michael Hill — 'What Would You Do For Love?'

NBC Sports — 'It's Time for a Gut Check'

GrubHub — 'Because Burrito!'

Squarespace and 'Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes' — 'The Cliff'

GoDaddy — 'Lost Puppy' (The ad was pulled after facing backlash)

Reebok - "Freak Show"

And of course, TODAY's very own Super Bowl spot: