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Subway sing-along: 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' unites Australian commuters

Sometimes you just need some good ole tunes to help start your Monday off right. And that's exactly what Peter Sharp provided on a morning train ride.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes you just need some good old music to help start your Monday off right.

That's exactly what Peter Sharp did on a 7:51 a.m. express train on a Monday in Perth, Australia. He decided to grace his fellow train commuters with some music but not with his voice alone. Instead, he wanted everyone to join him in a subway sing-along.

Standing in front of the train passengers, Sharp shared some words of wisdom: "It's not what we have, it's what we enjoy that brings happiness," and asked them to join him in a sing-along of the classic tune "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

What happened next was nothing short of heartfelt and endearing. With lyrics in hand and a young Ukulele player at Sharp's side, passengers began singing the song, and created a chorus of commuters.

Sharp is one of the founders of The Liberators, which describes itself as a global experiment that seeks to prove that beyond our differences their is love and humanity everywhere. One of the ways they do this by performing various social movements that include dance music and video.

The Liberator's recent video was just one of many, and has already received positive comments on their Facebook page.

So what started as grumpy, cold, early commute turned into one filled with joy, clapping and a uplifting Monday melody.