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Study: US airline fliers would pay extra to exit the plane first

Turns out airline passengers aren't as worked up over the a la carte fee system as you might think.
/ Source: TODAY

Once upon a time, you bought an airline ticket and flew to your destination; the only real options were smoking or nonsmoking, first class or coach, and what meal you'd like to eat.

Today, the a la cart-ization of airlines means virtually every comfort or choice fliers once used to take for granted has become an "extra," worthy of a surcharge by the airline — from snacks to blankets to leg room.

And according to a study, apparently American travelers like it that way, since they're willing to pay for all kinds of little "options" — including the right to disembark first.

The survey of 2,300 commercial airline passengers by FlightView indicated that half of fliers would happily be charged extra for in-flight and on-ground services, like Wi-Fi with streaming, real-time luggage tracking, and charging stations for electronics at your seat.

Exit the plane in a calm, orderly manner ... but should people who can pay more debark first?Shutterstock

And 22 percent of respondents said they would pay more to deplane early.

Travelers between 18-32 are more willing to pay for the services, the study added.

This is in contrast to a 2014 study by, in which 84 percent of Americans said they didn't like the way airlines were nickel-and-diming customers. In that survey, over half of travelers said they'd prefer to pay a higher ticket price than have to pay fees.

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