It's back! Starbucks brings back Eggnog Latte after customer protest

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By Ben Popken

Starbucks has announced it's bringing back the Eggnog Latte following a grassroots customer outcry.

A staple of the holiday menu since 1986, the chain initially kept the flavored coffee off this year to "optimize" it for new offerings like Chestnut Praline, said Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills.

Travis Block, a 35-year-old fireman who lives near Dallas, Texas, said he initially was "upset" when he learned the drink initially wouldn't be offered this year. "I love getting this when working," he said. 

So, like other customers, he took to Twitter sending off tweets to Starbucks and retweeting others doing the same to drum up support for bringing the beverage back.

At first his Twitter account was just another "at" symbol in the crowd of voices. Initially, he didn't think he would have any impact.

"Never used media this way," he said. "Just kept growing and I thought maybe this will work if we keep talking." 

But the momentum grew and others continued to join in to try to get the coffee kingpin to move its menu. An online petition gained over 2,500 signatures. Un-cheery remarks flooded Starbucks Facebook wall. A post on Starbucks' official online forum where customers can submit ideas is one of the site's most popular. Its headline reads, "BRING BACK EGGNOG!!!!!"

Starbucks got the message.

"Customers let us know holidays wouldn't be same without the Eggnog Latte," said Mills.

Mills said the eggnog is slated to reappear in all markets by November 17th. Because of variations in regional supply chains, it may appear in some areas sooner.

Block says he's "elated" to have been part of a successful groundswell.

"I can make it at home, but there is something about the atmosphere and experience getting an Eggnog Latte at Starbucks," he said.