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Standing desk for kids: Jaswig's StandUp lets children sit or stand while working

Jaswig, an ergonomic furniture manufacturer, has created the StandUp, a height-adjustable standing desk. It's perfect for kids.
/ Source: TODAY

Research has shown that sitting too much is bad for you in a variety of ways. But it’s a tough habit to break, and it’s one we learned at a very young age. Even in preschool we were taught to sit at our desks, not stand at them.

But it doesn’t have to be the same for kids today. That's what Jaswig, an ergonomic furniture manufacturer, believes. The startup, which has offices in both Belgium and the U.S, has created the StandUp, a height-adjustable standing desk. Adults can use it too, but it was created with kids in mind.

Standing desks for children
Standing desks for children from JaswigJaswig

“The idea behind making a version for children is that if standing regularly has many benefits, we should allow children to stand up as well if they want,” Jaswig co-founder Mathias Ellegiers told

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Jaswig launched a Kickstarter campaign for the desk last month. So far they’ve raked in more than $60,000 — surpassing their goal of $54,735. Not only is the desk attractive to parents looking to instill healthy habits in their kids, it’s also appealing to families who share a workspace.

“Parents particularly like the desk because it fits the whole family,” said Ellegiers. “Both mother and son can use the same desk.” It’s also pretty simple to put together.

Jaswig Standup desk
Courtesy of Jaswig
The Jigsaw Standup desk lets kids choose when to stand and sit.
Courtesy of Jaswig

“All the pieces are designed for easy (dis)assembly so each part can be taken out and replaced if it’s damaged,” said Ellegiers. There are nine pieces to the desk that are connected with screws and dowel nuts, which are shipped in the package. And you don't need any tools to put it together: The screws tighten with the aid of an included Allen wrench. "There will also be online videos where one of us actually puts the desk together," he said.

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Although the Kickstarter ends Sept. 17, the desk, which is made of sustainably sourced wood, is available for pre-order. You can get the small version for $255, the medium for $320 or the tall one for $400.

Kids and adults can use the Jigsaw Standup desk so they can stand or sit while working.
The StandUp desk comes in three different sizes.Courtesy of Jaswig