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This is the sexiest American accent, according to Europeans

When it comes to Europeans communicating across the pond with Americans, there's no love lost in translation.
/ Source: TODAY

English isn’t a Romance language, but Europeans have some love for certain American accents, according to a new survey.

Babbel, a popular language-learning app, polled Generator Hostel workers across Europe to find out which American accents sounded the most attractive to foreign ears — and it appears they’re feeling a little Southern comfort.

Most attractive American accent, according to Europeans
Forget flowers and chocolates, an American accent may be the real language of love when spending time abroad. Shutterstock

A team of linguistic experts identified seven regional U.S. tones and asked more than 400 hostel staffers — who presumably encounter different accents on a regular basis — from 43 different countries to pick the stereotypically sweetest and sourest U.S. accent.

Here’s how the seven archetypal accents ranked:

1. Deep South (20 percent)

2. New Yorker (18 percent)

3. Bostonian (17 percent)

4. Southern Californian (16 percent)

5. Texan (14 percent)

6. Midwestern (10 percent)

7. Minnesotan (5 percent)

Europeans varied widely when picking their favorites, from the Deep South to points north. Some 57 percent of French respondents favored a New Yorker’s tone while Brits and Swedes preferred the Southern Californian accent.

REESE WITHERSPOON as Melanie Carmichael and JOSH LUCAS as Jake Perry in 'Sweet Home Alabama.'
Reese Witherspoon's character in "Sweet Home Alabama" had to decide between a sophisticated New Yorker, played by Patrick Dempsey, or her homegrown sweetheart, played by Josh Lucas.Alamy Stock Photo

German, Spanish and Dutch staffers united in support of Bostonians.

The Southern twang won the No. 1 spot through consistently high rankings rather than a general consensus. Only one country, Ireland, ranked the accent first.

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