Sex wins over Facebook ... for now

Ladies: if you had a choice between giving up Facebook or sex for a week, which would you choose? While the majority of the 2,000 women recently surveyed by Cosmopolitan magazine picked Facebook (whew!), 20 percent of them said they would abstain from carnal relations rather than miss out on their News Feed, updating their status and liking/commenting on posts.

Nearly half of the respondents said they would give up their cellphone and another 70 percent would give up texting for sex.

A recent TeleNav survey showed that 33 percent of 514 respondents said they'd sacrifice sex for a week rather than live without their phones for the same duration.

But let's not start panicking about the rise of the machine here. Most women would still prefer to be with their significant others than the glowing screens on their phones and computers, and one could always hedge the question by finding sex online, or even through Facebook.

Still, there's no doubt, technology has definitely staked its place in people's lives, right alongside primal, basic functions like sex. But nowadays, sex can be consumed online just as much as it is in person.

A Playboy survey that came out in early summer showed porn viewing was up to 78 percent now, compared to 40 percent nearly three decades ago.

A BBC Newsbeat survey released in the spring found that 25 percent of men surveyed among 1,000 adults aged 18-24 "worried about the amount of porn they are watching on the Internet." Almost 8 out of 10 of them admitted they had looked at porn online, but those who consumed it for at least 10 hours a week "were also more likely to say it can put them off real-life sex."  

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