Selfies ... in space! First Instagram post from ISS

American astronaut Steven R. Swanson has boldly gone where no one else in space has gone before: Instagram. 

"Back on ISS, life is good." - Swanny #nasa #iss #exp39 #cupola #international #space #station #soyuz #earth

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This amazing selfie was taken in the Cupola observational module in the International Space Station (ISS). Compared to this photo, your selfies probably look pretty lame (unless you are a koala). 

But taking selfies isn't new to astronauts. Before Instagram, they were using Twitter to post some pretty crazy photos, like this one from Karen Nyberg



You take selfies when you are at your favorite cupcake joint. Astronaut Thomas Marshburn takes selfies while orbiting Earth in the vacuum of space. 



Of course, nothing can compare to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's epic cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." Here is hoping that they convert part of the ISS into a karaoke bar.