Secrets of saving at the supermarket revealed

There's traps in the supermarket that we all need to watch out for to avoid overspending and snatching up unnecessary impulse buys.  

Based on Consumer Report's annual supermarket savings and savvy grocery shopper survey, the testing organization's Tod Marks broke down for TODAY five tips to follow to make sure you exit the checkout line with your budget intact.

You don't have to buy "two for $5" to get one for $2.50
Check those multi-purchase deals. Often you can get the same per unit deal without having to buy the full advertised amount.

Take a handbasket
Studies have shown that when you shop with bigger carts, you buy more. If you know you only need a few things, grab a handbasket. Just like using a smaller plate makes you eat less, you're less likely to fill up a shopping cart with extra items if you don't use a big shopping cart.

Supermarkets are obstacle courses of shopping traps
Aisle and product displays are geared to stop you in your tracks and get you to buy extra stuff. The average store has 73 different product displays. Stick to your shopping list and your wallet will thank you.

The lights lie
Strawberries look redder and string beans look fresher under the spotlights of the supermarket. Don't be lured in by the glamorous photo shoot setup.

The circular is not your friend
Companies pay advertising bucks to get in the weekly circular. Just because something appears in there doesn't mean it's actually on sale.

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