Save Mother's Day with these last-minute gifts

Did you remember that Mother's Day is tomorrow? It's OK if you didn't — we won't tell anyone. Instead, we'll help you save the day with last-minute gifts for the most important woman in your life.

Let's accept the reality of things first: Unless your mom happens to live in an area full of businesses who'll take care of same-day delivery — and those businesses aren't already utterly inundated with orders — then your chances of getting flowers or a cookie gift basket delivered in time aren't all that great.

Got it?

Ok, so let's talk about the gifts you can get right now.

Who wouldn't love being surprised by craft supplies, yummy treats, beauty products, and more each month? Birchbox, Brit + Co., Umba, Quarterly Co. and other services will gladly send your mom fun boxes full of goodies. You can get gift subscriptions of varying lengths, so you could even cover things until next Mother's Day.


If mom's a big fan of digital media, then you can help her upgrade her collection by slipping a couple of digital iTunes, Google Play or Amazon gift cards her way. Of course, if you think that she might prefer streaming movies, TV or music ... then it's off to Hulu, Netflix, Spotify or Rdio!

Got a social media fangirl on your hands? You're in luck — she might think that getting a Facebook Gift is charming and not a sign that her kid forgot about Mother's Day. Facebook lets you select a real physical gift — ranging from silly toys to clothing to cosmetics to food — for which the recipient will instantly receive a notification.


One of the most useful subscriptions, in our humble opinion, is Amazon Prime. Membership brings free two-day shipping, streaming movies and TV shows, and free book loans for Kindle devices. While there isn't a specific way to give someone the gift of Amazon Prime membership, you can give her a $79 Amazon digital gift card — which could be used to purchase a year of Amazon Prime.

Forget stuff. Experiences are the new things, so you may want to even consider getting mom a gift through a service like Great American Days, Xperience Days or Zozi. You could get her everything from invitations to a bartending battle or tomato brouhaha (whatever that is) to spa visits and hot air balloon flights.


There's one more thing to consider: Go old school and give her something handwritten. Tell her how you feel, in your own handwriting, and she'll never know you almost forgot Mother's Day.

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