Woman breaks Starbucks priciest drink record by ordering $60.58 Frappuccino


A woman bought the world's most expensive Starbucks drink ever Monday, ordering up a 60 shot frappucino worth $60.58.

Sameera Raziuddin, a 23-year-old medical student from Florida, read an article about the latest attempt to make the priciest Starbucks item.

"As soon as I saw it," said Raziuddin, who uses Starbucks as her primary study spot, "I knew I had to try to beat the record."

She then worked with the store to concoct the 192 ounce beverage, which was poured in a spouted tub she brought with her.

The drink outpaces other records, which customers periodically try to top on social media. Recently an 84-shot, 6,300 mg of caffeine espresso clocked in at $59.75. In May, a customer ordered one worth $54.75. In 2013, a new bar was set at$47.30, outpacing previous records of $23.60 and $13.76 set in 2012 and 2007.