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Photographer who took beautiful engagement pic now needs help finding the couple

Matthew Dippel has taken to social media in hopes of finding the couple he photographed during a picturesque proposal at Yosemite National Park.
/ Source: TODAY

Photographer Matthew Dippel was enjoying a visit to Yosemite National Park at sundown on Oct. 6 when he witnessed a picture-perfect moment.

"I was waiting for my buddy to walk out onto Taft Point so I could snap a shot of him from across the canyon," he told TODAY.

But right before his friend stepped into view, Dippel, 24, noticed a couple on the ledge. He didn't realize it at first, but he was about to capture a beautiful proposal.

"I got lucky and was in the right place at the right time," Dippel, who lives in Michigan and had traveled to Yosemite during a road trip, said. "I was already waiting for my friend, so I had all my settings on my camera set. When I noticed what was going on, I just started taking photos."

Dippel said he ran over to the ledge right after he shot the photos to try and find the couple.

"I asked 20 or 25 other people that were at Taft Point if they knew who the couple was, because it's a really beautiful photo, but no one did," he said.

Dippel has since taken to social media with hopes of finding the mystery couple — and Twitter users are following along on the hunt.

As Dippel himself points out, Taft Point is a popular photo spot.

"They could be from anywhere around the world," Dippel continued. "I'm hopeful they'll see it, but there's so many people on Earth, who knows?"