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Scares in the air: Undercover investigation reveals safety issues of parasailing

Parasailing looks like fun, but the NTSB calls it "risky" and frightening accidents have occurred. Rossen Reports reveals the safety issues.
/ Source: TODAY

Parasailing looks like fun, but the National Transportation Safety Board calls it "risky," frightening accidents have occurred, and only three states have regulations.

If you're planning to parasail, industry safety expert Mark McCulloh offers these safety tips:

  • Don't go up without a safety briefing first. "If you're on a boat and the operator does not give you a safety briefing, you need to leave the boat right away," McCulloh says.
  • If the equipment looks old, get off the boat.
  • Always agree on an emergency signal before you take off.

For additional safety advice, visit the Parasail Safety Council Website.

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