One in four have faced an office bully

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By Allison Linn

They may not be taking your lunch money anymore, but a new survey shows that bullies still exist in the grown-up world.

A little more than one-fourth of workers say they have felt bullied at the office, according to a survey released last week by job search site Women, workers under 24 and workers over 55 all reported slightly higher rates of bullying than the overall rate.

The workers surveyed said unfair treatment included being accused of mistakes they didn’t make, being harshly criticized and being forced into doing work that wasn’t their job.

Only about half of those who felt bullied said they confronted the bully. Of those who did confront the bully, about 40 percent said the bullying stopped. But about that same amount said the bullying stayed the same, and 13 percent said it got worse.

The results were based on a survey of more around 5,600 full-time workers conducted earlier this year by Harris Interactive.