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On the Money TODAY with Stephanie Ruhle

Want to save more money this year? These tips will keep you financially fit in 2022 — and beyond.

4 ways to save money on prescription drugs

With the cost of prescription drugs too high for many, Stephanie Ruhle has strategies to help you save on your next refill.

Will I have to repay the child tax credit? Your tax questions, answered

Don't put it off until the last minute. Gather all your documents and get it done!

Gas prices are rising. Here’s how to save at the pump right now

Here are 14 tips to save on gas after a surge to the highest prices in U.S. history amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
U.S. Gas Prices
U.S. Gas Prices

Ukraine-Russia conflict may drive up prices: What you can do to save right now

NBC News senior business correspondent Stephanie Rhule has five tips to save money as gas and other prices potentially rise due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Inflation rose 7.5% as price hikes continue

The latest figures come as the Federal Reserve prepares to raise the core interest rate next month.

3 things to do now before interest rates go up

Make these smart money moves now before the hike hits in March.

Need help budgeting? The 7 best money management apps to try now

Here's what you should know about different tools and apps that can help with budgeting, saving and investing.
Best apps for budgeting/investing/stocks
Best apps for budgeting/investing/stocks

Tight budget? Use these tips to save on your holiday grocery bill

Holiday traditions can still be meaningful without spending a ton of cash.

Here’s who Americans are tipping this holiday — and how much

Americans reveal who they're tipping this holiday season — and how much they're dishing out.
Holiday Tipping
Holiday Tipping