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NY vs. LA? Kids weigh in with hilarious wisdom on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

As usual, kids have laser insight into matters that the late-night host is happy to put to comic good use.
/ Source: TODAY

There's more than just 2,797 miles of distance separating New York and Los Angeles: There's a whole cultural divide.

So who better to explain the differences between the U.S.'s two major coastal metropolises (and their residents) than ... kids?

Jimmy Kimmel sent his roving reporters out on the streets of both cities to ask the important questions for a delightfully insightful segment that aired on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night.

Kids report that people from New York appear to be "cranky" and "crazy," but they also suggest people from Los Angeles come across as "not that bright" and "slow."

"I think they're mostly into plastic surgery because they really want to look perfect," notes one adorable New Yorker about L.A. residents.

Meanwhile, one kid says people from New York are "nasty." So what kinds of nasty things are in Gotham? "Rats ... and a baseball team."

New Yorkers have a grip on this, though: When a local boy was asked which team was better, the Mets or the Dodgers, he said, "The Yankees!"

And what's the worst thing about New York, for one L.A. kid? "Donald Trump is there!"

Well, it's hard to argue with child wisdom. Watch the whole video for more hilarious moments!

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