‘Not feeling your apps’: Co-anchors rib Matt Lauer over favorites

Matt Lauer admits he's a bit behind the curve of technology, but he does love apps. 

Matt's first pick is an app called "Glympse," which allows users to share their location with anyone for a specified period of time using the "GlympseWatch" timer. 

So how is it used in practice? Say Matt and Carson had plans to catch a movie, but Matt was running late. Matt could use "Glympse" to share his location with Carson, who could then track Matt's progress to the restaurant, right down to how fast he's moving in miles per hour. And once Matt arrives, that "Glympse" would expire and other users would no longer be able to see his location. 

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Matt's other favorite comes into play during those all-too-common occasions in movie theaters when a viewer has to balance the urge to pee with a desire not to miss key plot points.

"Well the Diet Cokes now are just enormous," Carson added.

Enter "RunPee," the app that lets you know the perfect time to run to the restroom without missing important scenes. And the best part? When you get back, you can read a synopsis of what you missed during your break. 

"You can even set this thing to have an alarm so your phone will buzz at the time you should get up and go to the bathroom," Lauer said.

"We are so not feeling your apps," Tamron responded as she and Al seemed shocked by the idea that someone would need to use the restroom during a movie.

TODAY viewers rushed to Matt's defense, sending a flood of support to #OrangeRoom.





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