New Onyx is like a 'Star Trek' communicator, but real

OnBeep Onyx

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By Keith Wagstaff

Two to beam up? Now you can hail the bridge with a communicator straight out of "Star Trek." It's called the Onyx, from OnBeep, and it connects users via the Bluetooth connections on their smartphones.

One tap and you can instantly communicate with pre-set groups of people around the world. It's kind of like a walkie-talkie or the old Nextels, except the sound is clearer and it can be paired with any iOS or Android phone. The 2.5-inch device clips to jackets, belts or regulation Starfleet uniforms. 

While friends could certainly buy a bunch of them to simulate away missions on Theta VIII, they will probably be more useful for teams of professionals that need to keep their hands free — think emergency responders and event staff. 

Right now, the San Francisco-based OnBeep is accepting pre-orders, and the devices are not exactly cheap. A single Onyx device costs $99, while a pair will run you $195. (Gold-pressed latinum not accepted).