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There are 230 new emoji for 2019 — see them all right here

Waffle lovers will be very happy!
/ Source: TODAY

If you're looking to quickly express that you're bored while hanging out with your sloth and eating waffles, the new emoji for 2019 have you covered.

Unicode Consortium, the organization that oversees the text-based images, has announced the impending release of several new emoji, including a sloth, waffle and yawning face, as well as disability-themed emoji like wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

Unicode Consortium has released 230 new emoji for 2019
Unicode Consortium has announced 230 new emoji that will be released throughout 2019.

Anyone making boring posts on the internet may soon be living in fear of the yawning face, while the waffle-loving community is rejoicing in its new emoji.

Another early favorite looks to be the emoji the company dubbed Pinching Hand, which the internet is already having some fun with.

Fifty-nine distinctly new emoji have been created, and there are 230 overall once you factor in updates of previous emoji and the different variations in skin tones and genders of certain other ones.

Unicode Consortium has placed an emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness, with more emoji for the disabled community, a gender-inclusive couple and an international couple.

More animals have been added to the list, including a sloth, a flamingo and an otter.

This is the sixth major emoji update the company has released since 2014, following on the heels of more emoji for women, genders and hair color additions in recent years.