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By Ben Popken

In Toyota's Super Bowl spot, a van with mysterious markings appears to be in trouble, prompting former NFL player turned actor Terry Crews to pull his Toyota Highlander over to help out. But it's no ordinary overheated radiator trouble, it's the Muppets! They quickly swarm his car and take over, taking him on a fun-filled, cross-country tour that busts him out of his (apparently boring) life.

The ad's angle is that the new Highlander is roomier than ever, able to fit a whole flock of chickens, a grand piano, the whole Muppets gang, and Terry Crews' muscles.

If your favorite part is when Crews dances shirtless at Carnival, you might want to check out this web-only clip from the commercial shoot where he reprises the trick from his 2013 Old Spice ads and makes his individual muscles dance for 30 seconds straight.

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