Mr. Clean gets down and dirty in sexy new Super Bowl ad

/ Source: TODAY

If the name Mr. Clean only brings to mind Magic Erasers, mopping and the friendly face of the brand, get ready for another idea.

Oh, sure, this Super Bowl ad has all of that in it, but it also has a distinctly different vibe.

In the 30-second commercial, leading man Mr. Clean, or "the heartthrob of housework" as a press release from the company describes him, turns thankless chores into sexy tasks.

He doesn't just mop a floor or scrub a shower — he sways his skinny-jeans-clad hips and flexes his muscles in a skin-tight tee until the job is done.

And he does so until Sarah, the woman of the house, can't contain her passion for tidiness any longer.

"Sarah? Sarah?" he calls to her. "Clean enough?"

Except now, where once stood a captivating and flirtatious bald man with a gold-hoop earring, there's Sarah's real main man — compete with wrinkly cargo shorts and caddy full of on-brand cleaning products.

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For her, the sexiest part of the fantasy is still there — a clean house.

As she pounces on her partner, the message at the core of the ad crosses the screen: "You gotta love a man who cleans."

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