Most endangered jobs for 2014

Armin Weigel / Today

Dead trees are a bad business to be in right now. Lumberjack, newspaper reporter, printing worker and mail carrier are among the top most endangered jobs for 2014, a new CareerCast report says.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, some of these jobs are expected to see double-digit hiring declines from 2012-2022.

The jobs with the highest expected fall-offs are: 

  • Mail carrier: -28%
  • Farmer: -19%
  • Meter Reader: -19%
  • Newspaper Reporter: -13%
  • Travel Agent: -12%
  • Lumberjack: -9%
  • Flight Attendant: -7%
  • Drill-Press Operator: -6%
  • Printing Worker: -5%
  • Tax Examiner and Collector: -4%

The common predator threatening nearly all of these jobs is technology. It's increased automation while allowing more to be done with fewer resources, especially human.

Meanwhile, CareerCast's picks for best jobs for 2014 based on hiring outlook, wage and job satisfaction include mathematician and statistician. If you can't beat the calculators, join 'em.