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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Keith Wagstaff

A doughnut with pink frosting. Its mission? To boldly go where no doughnut has gone before.

Yes, mankind has finally launched a doughnut into the stratosphere. Sadly, it was not America that accomplished this great feat, but Sweden.

Two brothers, Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson, used a weather balloon to send a doughnut with pink frosting into the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Overall, it traveled 32 kilometers (nearly 20 miles) above the Earth's surface.

The weather balloon was launched from Askim, Norway. It eventually popped, causing the doughnut to tumble across the border into Lake Vättern in Sweden. This is not the first delicious food item to be launched toward the heavens. The band Anamanaguchi did the same with a piece of pizza in 2013.

We can only speculate that this will kick off an international pastry space race. And hope that SpaceX is formulating a way to send a Cronut to the ISS at this very moment.