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Microsoft's Cortana picks the Patriots to win the Super Bowl

Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks in NFL Super Bowl XLIX? Cortana thinks so.

Microsoft's virtual assistant has picked the Patriots to win over the Seahawks by a single point.

Cortana gained credibility during last year's World Cup. Like Paul the octopus (RIP) in the World Cup before, Cortana was pretty dead-on with its predictions, going 15-1. (Jimmy Fallon's prediction puppies might not be as accurate, but they win when it comes to being adorable).

Apparently, the digital assistant is not fazed by Deflategate. Even with fully inflated footballs, it thinks Tom Brady can pull off the victory 24-23. Overall, Cortana's 8-2 in the NFL playoffs. 

Cortana doesn't simply tell you what Vegas thinks. Instead, it uses Bing's predictive algorithm, which breaks down past wins and losses, factoring in where each game was played, what the weather was like, scoring by quarters and a host of other statistics. 

Not that Cortana's opinion is that different from Vegas. Most places have the Patriots favored by around one point as well. That, of course, is an absurdly small line, meaning most people think this game is up for grabs. 

Still, Seahawks fans might feel betrayed by Cortana. Microsoft has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, which is only a 30-minute drive from Seattle.