Mastering the etiquette of texting (while walking)

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"Hang on! I need to let them know we're on our way," muttered a colleague as she stopped walking, pressed her back against a wall, and started tapping out a text message. I stared at her, confused. Why couldn't she keep walking while sending the text message?

That baffling moment occurred weeks ago, but it came to mind the instant I saw the video below.

Whether she realized it or not, that gal was apparently practicing proper texting etiquette when she stepped away from the crowd and used her phone without the risk of running into someone (or something).

As you can see in the video — which New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat made as part of the New York Times' Op-Doc, a forum for short, opinionated documentaries — there are a lot of wrong ways to go about texting while walking.

And there is a right way — my colleague's way.

That particular approach to texting while walking not only keeps individuals from annoying those around them, but also helps prevent potentially life-threatening situations.

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