Mario’s top 3 things to know in tech: JP Morgan Chase hacking, Get Happy and GoPro Hero

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By Mario Armstrong

This week on my top 3: your credit card was probably hacked (again!), an app that makes you feel happier, and a budget version of the GoPro camera!

J.P. Morgan Chase Hacking

Didn’t it feel like just the other day that Target and Home Depot were hacked and customer’s credit and debit card data was leaked to hackers? Well, here we are again, with 76 million customers who accessed or having their names, names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers stolen by hackers.

The good news? Hackers didn’t get our account numbers, passwords, Social Security Numbers or our date of births. So, this isn’t the worst, but it isn’t great either.

Too many of us are not taking these attacks serious enough, we feel powerless, but you need to use technology to make your life better. One thing I recommend you do is set up bank alerts on your account, using apps like Mint and others to monitor your credit score and accounts. Also if a company offers free credit monitoring JUMP on it!


I am by nature a happy, glass half full kind of guy and I would love nothing more than for everyone to feel happy all the time! But happiness can be elusive. My job is to find tech that helps our viewers live better.

This is the app whose goal is to use games and activities to make you happier! Happify is based on 10+ years of scientific research from top schools like Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford. It teaches the 5 core skills of happiness: savor, thank, aspire, give and empathy.

First, you take a happiness assessment on how you feel about different aspects of your life. Based on your score, it will set up a program where you will do things like: play games, do guided meditation (which I personally love), gratitude exercises, etc to help improve the way you are thinking.

You can also pay to upgrade to Happify Plus for a monthly, annual or lifetime plans.

GoPro Hero

I'm big into uncovering tech that helps you be more productive but also fun. I love seeing families capture more video memories in new ways. GoPros are so cool but until now have been pretty expensive. But the brand new, entry level GoPro Hero is the most affordable model yet.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the higher end models, it’s perfect for kids, teens, families!

The big benefit to a GoPro is that you can capture video from a new perspective, typically from the shooters view & hands free. You can use different mounts, attach cameras to your helmets, bikes, motorcycles, or even your dog!

Remember, it isn’t just about the tech, it’s what you do and the fun you have doing it! So this week, Happify your life with an app and then go film some cool moments with your new GoPro Hero.