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Man builds insane 360-degree swing in his backyard

Billed as the United Kingdom's only 360-degree swing, this backyard contraption by inventor Colin Furze will have your stomach doing loop-the-loops.
/ Source: TODAY

If you ever looked at a seesaw when you were a kid and wished it could send you flying 30 feet in the air as you decide between screaming or crying, the dream is now real.

British inventor Colin Furze has created a backyard contraption that he bills as the United Kingdom's only 360-degree swing.

In his latest YouTube video, Furze demonstrates the homemade swing, which is 30 feet off the ground and uses a 55-pound counterweight to help propel him around.

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Furze soars above a neighborhood on what looks like a giant seesaw, doing a complete loop while somehow not losing his lunch.

360-degree swing UK

His other off-the-wall inventions include a homemade hoverbike and a pair of Wolverine claws.

Anybody considering trying to build one of these in their own backyard may want to leave it to the professionals.

After all, Furze notes that the swing has no safety equipment to stop him from plummeting to the ground if he falls off.

The swing "is not for everyone, but you get a great view,'' he wrote.

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