Make any website do the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake isn't just for humans anymore — websites are getting in on the dance craze, too.

A site called is turning Web pages into dance machines. Just plug in the URL of your choosing (we're partial to, of course) and watch as the pieces of the site start to boogie.

Just like the flash mob-style dance craze, in which one person dances alone in a crowd and is then joined by the entire group, Harlem Shake-ifying a website makes one piece of the page start to move, followed by the entire site shaking along to the beat. Make sure your volume is up to enjoy the full effect!

And if you're feeling nostalgic for a dance craze of yore, also offers a "Gangnam Style maker" button.

Need a refresher on the Harlem Shake? Check out the TODAY team doing the moves:

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