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Love in the age of Instagram: How to act online after a break-up

Ten years ago, if you wanted to avoid your ex, you simply stopped driving by their house. Fast forward to 2015.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Ten years ago, if you wanted to avoid your ex, you simply stopped driving by their house. Or going to their favorite places. Or sending them letters in the mail. (I’ve regretfully done all of these things.)

Fast forward in time: If you want to avoid your ex in 2015, good luck. Thanks to social media, you’re pretty much forever doomed to seeing your past lovers, under well-lit Instagram filters, happily moving on with their lives...without you.

Here’s where the next episode in our series comes in handy — How to Stalk An Ex. For those of you who prefer to take a deep dive into the black abyss of devastation, these tips are for you. And for those who would rather avoid having an ex keeping constant tabs on your behavior, let this episode serve as a friendly warning to all the things you may not realize they can still see.

In all seriousness, break-ups are hard enough without having to see an ex posting lovey-dovey photos with their newest squeeze. So if you want to prevent emotional breakdowns, I simply recommend unfollowing or blocking them and any key mutual friends. (Don’t just take my word for it: this is also what my therapist recommends.) It may seem harsh, but it will save you mental anguish in the long run.

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Taryn Southern is a YouTube star, writer, and comedian whose videos have more than 500 million views across the Internet — you can find her at This is Episode 3 in her series, "Self Help for the Digital Soul."

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