'LOL' vs. 'haha': Facebook study reveals how we laugh online

/ Source: TODAY

E-laughter is the way we let our friends, family and co-workers know that their online joke hit the mark or that the silly video they just shared really entertained us. But we don't all e-laugh the same way.

Some of us offer up a hearty "haha," while others go for "hehe." And of course, "LOL" works, too. But who needs words when we have emojis?

Now, thanks to a Facebook study, we know just which online laughs people use most often.

Close-up portrait of young man laughing out loudSergey Furtaev / Shutterstock

After analyzing one week of user-generated guffaws, Facebook determined that "haha" is the go-to giggle for most of us.

Second place goes to this familiar face:

Laughing EmojiShutterstock

As for "LOL," apparently, its heyday is over.

Here's the breakdown:

Facebook GraphFacebook

And just like with our accents, where we live has some influence on how we laugh online.


The study focused on posts from the last week of May and found 15 percent of all users included some form of laughter in their Facebook comments.

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