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JetBlue offers free flight to passengers — but only if they do this 1 thing

JetBlue offered a free flight to a plane full of passengers, but it came with a catch that required a unanimous decision among strangers.
/ Source: TODAY

During this divisive political season, JetBlue wanted to see if strangers could work together to unanimously answer a crucial question that would affect their lives.

The reward was a free flight, but it came with a catch: Do they want to go to Costa Rica or Turks and Caicos?

In a social experiment doubling as a JetBlue commercial titled "Reach Across the Aisle," the airline offered 150 passengers a free flight, but the catch was that they had to unanimously agree on the destination.

First they had to decide whether it should be domestic or international, which soon was resolved with the decision that if any passengers don't have a passport, they should get one.

Like an instant set of primaries, they whittled the field down to two tropical candidates, Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos. Different passengers then got on the loudspeaker to make their case, citing factors like ziplining, surfing, quality of life and the strength of the dollar.

Finally, all 150 of them agreed on one destination, showing true democracy in action.

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